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Universities are lightning rods for controversy as politics swerves towards populism and can no longer rely on a revolving door into government to make their case. Brexit is taking up all the political bandwidth and politicians openly question whether universities can be trusted to act in the public and student interest.

We will explore the policy issues that universities are facing and look at where we should be focusing our energy and how we can best muster our arguments, using all the tools at our disposal. Bringing together sector leaders and policymakers to get a rounded picture of the state of higher education policy and politics in , this is an essential event for anyone working in policy, public affairs and external stakeholder management in universities.

An exploration of where the nation is politically, what are the implications for universities and how we navigate the nonsense.

The rules of engagement: physician engagement strategies in intergroup contexts

Delivered by a political commentator. In the context of the spending review and brexit — across government departments where do universities fit into the political agenda, how do we effectively make the case for universities and what policy agendas should universities be championing in order to be heard in the corridors of power? Putting the public back into public affairs: The old rules no longer apply in a fragmented, volatile public policy and political landscape. How do universities cut through this, build public trust and win the right to be heard? A spokeswoman said Australia had of the sights, although it was not known how many were in Afghanistan.

MsoNormal, li. MsoNormal, div. Although they comprise only about of the Australian troops in Afghanistan, the special forces are at the centre of 12 of the 18 incidents in which the ADF has allegedly caused civilian casualties since July 1, Defence refuses to release the wording of the rules of engagement.

Today there is a greater willingness to accept that Australians are not supposed to kill civilians. The Dutch-Australian PRT will therefore need a significant security emphasis, and more robust mandates, rules of engagement and equipment will be required than in the north and west.

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Australian troops have not in the past been closely interoperable with Dutch forces, and will likely be working more closely with them than with the Japanese in Al Muthanna in Iraq. In addition, Australian personnel will receive protection from the Dutch, and their security will depend on the Dutch rules of engagement. It will be essential for the Netherlands to have very robust rules of engagement to meet Australian needs; this will require tough decisions of the Dutch Government.

I have heard rumblings that suggest that on occasions Australians have not been too happy with the way that the Americans have enforced the rules of engagement.

This issue of rules of engagement is one of those things that the national commander will reserve the right to decide whether or not his forces do something on the basis of the agreed rules of engagement by which the Australian or national commitment has been made. The man was wounded and Iraqi authorities took him away. Reports said he died. A journalist who investigated said witnesses told him the man was involved in a minor traffic accident.


In each case the Defence Force investigated and concluded that the soldiers had complied with the rules of engagement. In a remarkable account of how our airmen applied Australian rules of engagement, an RAAF pilot has told The Sun-Herald each of the 14 RAAF Hornet pilots aborted three to four bombing runs because intelligence given at pre-flight briefings did not concur with what they found at the target.

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He said pilots broke off many missions after they saw the target and decided there was not a valid military reason to drop their bombs. But it seems that it was often to avoid the unnecessary killing of civilians. We exercise those all the time. In Iraq it was a matter of the briefings we received prior in regards to our rules of engagement, as to whether we thought this was a target we should be destroying. If it was not, then we decided not to deploy.

Air Rules of Engagement | AOAV

While there have been no reports that Australian planes used such weapons, they most certainly would have provided cover for US aircraft that dropped cluster munitions and for US tanks and artillery that fired anti-personnel shells during the invasion. One such attack by US forces using cluster munitions left 61 civilians dead and seriously wounded, including many children, in Hilla, a town 80 kilometres from Baghdad.

You have to meet a number of criteria before you can engage the target. The most hard and fast is that civilians and civilian infrastructure — including schools, churches and hospitals — must not be attacked. But what if Australian soldiers have evidence that Saddam has stashed weapons in a school with innocent civilians?

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  • The Rules of Engagement: building political trust and confidence in universities.