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The Immigrant Experience Module 1 of "Portraits of America: Democracy on Film" presents cinematic stories about people who dream of coming to America, and the challenges faced in starting a new life here. Civil Rights In Module 3 of "Portraits of America: Democracy on Film," students explore films about the struggle for human rights, with lessons that provide the historical context for each story. The Day The Earth Stood Still Science fiction meets social commentary in this Cold War parable, in which a young boy befriends a visitor from outer space who has come to save the earth from nuclear destruction.

Your Film of Films: A Sweeping History of an Art

Watch Videos. Film Lesson Library Activities for Students A collection of lesson plans on a variety of film study topics. Excited is really an understatement. This is a great way for our kids to get a very unique education in film studies. They are laid out so clearly that all I need to do is to follow the script.

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I really like what my students are learning with this curriculum. The agony and the ecstasy of making films also makes for great storytelling.

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Documentary 61 mins Director: Mark Cousins. Lyrical tribute to the moving image begins with an establishing shot: the birth of the movies - spanning to The s.

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Moving between Hollywood, Denmark and Moscow, Mark Cousins shows how glamour and gravitas battled to define film. Testing the limits of cinema, German Expressionism, Soviet montage and other international movements are launched. The Talkies begin, bringing new genres and new masters like Hawks and Hitchcock.

Written and presented by Mark Cousins.

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Between , cinema got darker - reflecting the tumult and carnage of war — and more daring. Mark Cousins investigates.

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The story reaches the s. Cinema across the world is dominated by melodrama and sex proves to be big business. The French New Wave propels Europe into creative overdrive, heralding fresh filmmaking talent from Truffaut to Bresson and beyond.

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Easy Rider and A Space Odyssey signal a new phase in cinema.