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With these cables, you can stream your favorite music or shows with ease. Antenna Mounting Hardware: If you don't have a cable box, antennas help you get a clear, crisp picture on your TV. Combine this with a digital converter box if you're using an older TV with an analog signal.

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Use quality plastic or Velcro-style twist ties to keep your cabling from getting tangled and unsightly. While home audio and video systems are important to many homeowners, items like phones and computer accessories are essential. Browse Ace's wide variety of tech accessories to complete your home setup. Cell Phone Accessories: Shop Ace to find cell phone batteries, chargers, power cables and cases for your smartphones.

Then, look for car mounts to make hands-free navigating and making phone calls while you drive easier. Home Phone Accessories: Update your home phones with our variety of models. Look for corded options for your home office, or choose cordless phone systems with a base unit and separate receivers to put in several rooms throughout your home.

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Computer Accessories: USB sync cables connect your computers and laptops to devices like printers and streaming systems. Look for USB keys and flash storage devices to transport important information. Portable Speakers: Our variety of portable and Bluetooth speakers are ideal for the kitchen, home office, bedrooms and other rooms that don't have a large entertainment center.

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Look for Bluetooth models that communicate with your smartphone, laptop, tablet or other device wirelessly. We have everything you need to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV and even communicate with friends and family with ease.

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Need help? Call I am interested in: check all that apply. We Deliver. Get what you need, when you need it. Schneider Electric Trunking mm x 60mm x 3m 2 Pack Tower Self Adhesive Mini Trunking 12mm x 8mm x 2m Tower Mini Trunking 38mm x 25mm x 2m 8m Pack of 4 Product rating 3. Mini Trunking 25mm x 16mm x 2m Flat Angle 25 x 16mm Pack of 2 Mini Trunking 38mm x 16mm x 2m Maxi Trunking mm x 50mm x 2m Pack of 6 Product rating 4 out of 5 stars 3.

  • Two Types of Cables: Industrial Grade vs. Commercial Grade.
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TV Trunking 50mm x 25mm x 1. Self-Adhesive Mini Trunking 16mm x 16mm x 3m 60m Pack of 20 Product rating 3 out of 5 stars 2.

Maximum productivity with minimal downtime is paramount for achieving network performance. If a switch, connector or cabling system in the plant fails, the cost of parts replacement and repair represents only a tiny fraction of the overall costs of production downtime. Industrial grade cable is essential for achieving high availability and productivity in manufacturing and process control environments. Bringing commercial, off-the-shelf cabling products into the industrial landscape carries high risks for mission-critical applications.

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So how can you make sure the cable you select is fit for the industrial environment and right for your application? At Belden, we conducted a series of tests to compare the physical and electrical performance of commercial off-the-shelf COTS cables with industrial cables. I think you will find the tests and their results quite interesting. Using a fixed drum covered with sandpaper, cables were stretched across a portion of their circumference, then moved back and forth cyclically for 25 cycle counts.

Result: After 25 cycle counts, the conductors of the commercial grade cables could be seen through breaks in the jacket, which would cause it to lose mechanical and electrical integrity. The conductor pairs of the armored industrial cable were not compromised. The cables were then unrolled and visually inspected to check for cracks in the jacket. Result: The commercial grade cables became brittle and showed visible cracks. Conducted according to UL , an aluminum weight was dropped down a hollow guide-tube to smash against a segment of the cable.

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The impact force delivered 24 in-lbs, or 2. An Instron machine head brought a 2-inch by 2-inch plate down on a segment of cable to crush it — with failure defined as the point at which the cable would no longer reliably support Cat 5e performance. Result: At lbs. The industrial grade, black-jacketed, armored cable had a failure value of 2, lbs. A comparison of industrial grade and commercial grade cables.

Source: Why Cable is Important. Based on CSA standard C Several kinds of cable were sliced by the chisel to the point where a short circuit was sensed across the conductors, creating a potentially hazardous situation.